Greek Mezedes (tapas style)


Greek Cooking Class -01


Although you won’t find a Greek restaurant on every street corner like your local Chinese or pizza joint, Greek cuisine can claim to have written the earliest known cookbook, dating back to 320.bc. Greek cuisine’s roots run deep and it’s seemingly infinite number of islands and regions yield a diversity of cuisine that is both meze-merising (sorry) and highly underrated. We have chosen a meze (taste) menu for this Greek cooking class to give you just that. From the grills of the island coastlines, to soul food of the mainlands countryside; Greek Mezedes will have you head over heels.

$120 p/p

Here’s what’s cooking…

tiganito halloumi (pan fried halloumi with grapefruit salad) (gf)

spiced lamb and pine nut stuffed dolmades (gf)

patates riganates (Greek style crispy baked potatoes) (gf)

grilled chicken souvlaki (gf)

patzaria salata (baby beet salad with smoked almond and dill) (gf)

kalamarakia (marinated grilled baby squid) (gf)

horta patzaria (lemon dressed cooked beet leaves) (gf)

smoky charred peppers, sheeps feta, kalamata, fresh oregano (gf)

super creamy cucumber tzaziki (gf)

loukoumades (deep fried dough balls, infused honey syrup, ice cream)

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