Plant Based Bar Food (Vegan)


Plant Based Cooking Class – 01


A whole new delectable era of plant based dining is exploding in the culinary universe right now. This plant based cooking class will provide you with tools that will help you create truly flavourful plant based food at home and for friends and family.

As the environmental need to increase our plant based eating has become more pressing, the world’s best chefs and cooks have begun an exploration into new realms of plant based flavour.

The stage is set for food lovers and home cooks from all backgrounds to begin expanding their creative repertoire, discover new ingredients and techniques to create new eating experiences.

Whether it’s a beginning or continued journey, this Plant Based Bar Food class is a perfect small plates lift off for a super fun, informative and damn tasty plant based cooking adventure.

$120 p/p

Here’s what’s cooking…

chestnut and mushroom parfait, blood plum

smoky cocoa pulled jackfruit tacos, lime crema

toasted almond romesco, BBQ charred asparagus and broccoli

home made raw nut milk

creamy potato and Jerusalem artichoke gratin, herbed panko crust

gin and tonic doughnuts, botanical glaze

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