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South American Street Food


South American Cooking Class -01


For most of us, the idea of South America sparks notions of adventure, diversity, vibrant colour, fun and passion. Nearly all of which can be experienced through it’s unique and ancient cuisine. This South American cooking class will take you on an adventure from Caracas to Buenos Aires, exploring new ingredients and flavours, which perhaps have never graced your pantry or your palate, but will open a door that will leave you wanting more.

$120 p/p

Here’s what’s cooking…

ceviche de pescado (Peruvian style ceviche) (gf)

humitas (steamed fresh corn parcels) (gf)

Argentine spiced grilled porterhouse (gf)

fried chicken and chipotle empanadas

Brazilian coconut and passionfruit quindin’s (gf)

Chilean pebre (fresh chilli and coriander salsa) (gf)

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