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Sri Lanka, spice isle of the Indian Ocean once known as Ceylon, is a rich melting pot of cuisines including Indian (particularly South Indian), Dutch, Malay, Portuguese and Middle Eastern. Fast becoming one of the worlds great food meccas, this small island nation boasts amazingly fresh seafood from coast to coast, fragrant spices adorning recipes, and vibrant tropical produce.

Despite our unique and abundant multicultural offering in Western Australia, we haven’t yet had a distinct influence from this amazing part of the world, as we have had from so many others.

A cuisine waiting to be discovered, this Sri Lankan cooking class offers a unique opportunity to unlock food treasures from this majestic island and indulge in an authentic Sri Lankan feast.

$130 p/p

Here’s what’s cooking…

fragrant ‘red’ chicken curry 

fresh grated coconut sambol [pol sambol]

coconut and green chilli ‘white’ fish curry [kiri malu]

masoor curry dhal [paripu] 

fresh pickled pineapple acharu 

rose and cardamom wattalappam

"I went with a mate and had no expectations and ended up having the best night I have had in years. It was such a great laugh and met some amazing people in the process. Jake and Reanne really made the night special as they're knowledge and people skills are great which made the whole experience memorable."

Ross D'Angelo

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