Thai Cooking Class -01


Thai cuisine: the art of balance in food. An assault on the senses; hot, sweet, salty and bitter, all in one and all in harmony. Thai cooking is a journey for the senses in every mouthful but requires an understanding of ingredients (and what each ingredient adds to a dish), technique and above all, a trained palate. This Thai cooking class has been designed to give you a foundation understanding of Thai cooking and focuses on palate development and tasting for balance in food.

$130 p/p

Here’s what’s cooking…

Hamlet Pork free range pork fillet, Thai basil, Penang curry (gf)

homemade Penang curry paste (gf)

kai yang (smoky lemongrass grilled free range chicken)

fresh green papaya salad (gf)

pandan jasmine rice (gf)

khao niaow ma muang (sweet sticky rice, fresh mango) (gf)

"The Thai Village class was great food. Reanne is an amazing teacher. She gives you great tips, is fun and funny, makes you feel comfortable, competent and the classes are run with precision, efficiency and ease. Thanks Reanne! We will be back!"

Tracy Ballard Savill

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