Vietnamese Cooking Class -01


Any well travelled food lover would tell you that some of the best food the world has to offer is eaten while sat on the tiny plastic chairs lining the streets and alleyways of the towns and cities of Vietnam. Vietnamese food is bursting with layers of incredible flavour, colour and texture. It’s healthy, it’s fresh, it’s simply delicious and everybody should be eating more of it at home. In this Vietnamese cooking class, we can show you how.

$130 p/p

Here’s what’s cooking…

bun thit nuong (smoky grilled free-range pork, fresh herb and rice noodle salad)

local Goldband snapper, fresh turmeric root butter, smoke grilled in banana leaf

fresh pickled daikon and carrot

fragrant pandan rice

homemade nuoc cham sauce

chilli and lime soy dipping sauce

sticky baked cassava cake, sweet & salty coconut cream, seasonal fruit

"Had an amazing time with my Mum and sister at the Vietnamese Streetfood class. Learnt so much and the food was incredible. Highly recommend, to any level of cook."

Stephanie Louise


Please note that due to the recent Phase 3 announcement regarding COVID19 and the 2m sq. rule, our classes can resume as per normal, as of June 6th. Our two rooms, the Kitchen Studio and the Dining Hall are each more than 80m sq. providing our guests with more than enough space at any given time. Hand and phone sanitisation will still be necessary upon entry and throughout every class, and we will ask that if anyone is feeling any cold or flu like symptoms at the time of entering the venue to please not enter the venue. We are applying this to ALL people entering our venue; customers, our team and all services.

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