Every class at Salt & Company is a new adventure; a cooking and eating experience that will take you somewhere new and exciting.


From the moment you walk through the door of our warehouse studio you will be greeted by our teachers with a smile, a high five (if you so choose) and a refreshing infused water to kick off your food experience.


Each class begins with a touch of housekeeping to make sure you’ve got your bearings before we walk you through what’s cooking and how the class will run.


There are no individual isolated workstations but 1 large communal table of 12 where you will work together like a social chefs brigade, so no one is put under too much pressure. This gives everyone a chance to chat, learn and laugh with each other; as you prepare, cook and plate the food for each course with the guidance of your awesome teacher.


Your cooking teacher will provide hands on and technical tips and guidance right throughout the class, and at different points everyone will gather around a specially designed concrete demonstration bench to catch all the action as dishes are cooked and served for eating.


If you miss anything, just let us know so we can make sure you’re filled in. Remember, our teachers are there to answer all of your questions; please don’t be afraid to ask them.


When all the magic in the kitchen has yielded a feast, each class is finished with a long table dinner in the dining hall where everyone can enjoy the fruits of their efforts and toast to good times.


At the end of each class everyone takes home a complete set of recipes, so you can hone your new craft and treat those you love.


We can’t wait to see you in the warehouse kitchen!


Still have a few questions? Check out our FAQ’s page for more information.

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