“Exploring what the world has to offer through food is the closest thing to travel without getting on a plane. Adventure, history and culture can all be found in a meal created by a good cook”


Reanne came from a multicultural family with a passion for food, and an adventurous cooking spirit. She fell in love with cooking as a child, standing on a foot-stool to help her mother bake, pound spices and practice ‘official taste testing’ in her family kitchen. Her heart has remained in the kitchen ever since.


She started her career working with restaurants, wineries and producers, marketing for WA’s south west, before moving to Perth and taking up a role as the Operations Manager of SPICE Magazine.


In 2009 Reanne began working with Perth’s longest running cooking school, Matters of Taste, and found she had a natural flair for teaching and sharing her passion for cooking with others. She continued to teach, while gaining experience cooking her way through local restaurants and completing her formal cookery training. In 2012 she decided to devote all of her time to teaching.


“To me, food breathes colour and flavour in to nearly every part of our lives. Food and the love that goes into cooking it, brings people together, provides a platform for anyone to express creativity, helps us to show we care, allows us to experience new things, and adds more enjoyment and adventure into the everyday.”


In recent years, Reanne has taken a larger interest in cooking seasonally and understanding where her ingredients come from, how ethically they were produced and what impact that has on the world around us.


As a cooking teacher, Reanne finds beauty in all styles of cooking and believes that with a bit of guidance, anyone can produce their own unique style of delicious food.


“One of the things I love most about teaching, is that each class I’m a part of ends up being one of those increasingly rare situations these days where people from all walks of life who start out the day as strangers, come together and connect. Food seems to be the great leveler. It’s a beautiful thing to see people cook, learn, laugh, drink and eat together.


Sometimes it’s kind of surreal seeing people leave on a total high each time they come back for a new experience. It’s a joy to be a part of.”


With an obsession for all things food and a genuine zeal for life, Ryan has been a marvellous addition to our small family at Salt & Co.


“I think there is something almost primitive within us when it comes to the act of creating a soulful meal to share with loved ones. It’s connective, therapeutic and nourishing; it’s a big part of what makes us human”


Having tried his hands at several professions throughout his younger years, at the age of 28 Ryan came to an impasse, he knew he needed to find a career that he was truly passionate about, something inspirational.


Thankfully over coffee and lunch one day, Ryan’s wise Mum Glenda encouraged him to pursue his his childhood dream of becoming a chef. Shortly thereafter Ryan took his first steps into the world of food and cheffing.


Needless to say, starting an apprenticeship was a huge shock to the system for someone who was used to working the usual 9 to 5. During what could be described as a baptism of fire at Steve’s Fine Wine & Food in Nedlands, the pressure was almost too much. However, thanks to the careful guidance of a brilliant and passionate head chef, Ryan started to find a natural flare and energy in the kitchen, and went on to achieve the honour of winning Hospitality Group Trainings apprentice of the year.


After cutting his teeth in the world of fine dining, Ryan decided to expand his repertoire, and spent two years learning the ropes in the thousand mile a minute, think on your feet realm of high end catering. Since then, Ryan has spent the better part of the last 10 years cooking in a variety restaurants, bars and cafes all around Perth, gaining knowledge of many different cuisines and cooking styles.


His enthusiasm for gaining new knowledge naturally matured into a desire to pass on what he had learnt. Ryan started teaching at Salt & Co. in 2019 and has found tremendous joy in sharing his passion and knowledge of cooking with our clients.


“The fact that I get to spend my evenings with lovely people and share with them the joy of cooking delicious, nourishing food is very special; it’s something that I am constantly grateful for”


Jake sparked a love for cooking at a young age, it started by experimenting with his dad in the kitchen, adding random ingredients into a pasta sauce to see if it tasted good. This method didn’t always lead to a restaurant quality meal, but always but it was always fun.


Jake completed his formal training in a modern Italian restaurant and once qualified as a chef he took off to see the world. Starting with a solid thirteen months of eating and drinking his way around most of Western Europe, Morocco, the Adriatic Coast and Turkey.


“Travelling for me is not just about seeing the sights, it’s also about getting into the local markets, seeing how the locals live and what they eat. It is such a privilege to see another culture at their most natural and share an honest meal with them. ”


When Jake returned to Australia he brought back the passion and flare of his travels to the kitchens he worked in; but it wasn’t long before the longing for somewhere new took hold. He packed up his life into a rucksack for a second time and boarded a one way flight to South America. From the bustling streets of Buenos Aires to the Amazon basin. From the sun soaked Colombian coast to the freezing heights of the Andes; it was six incredible months of exploring and sampling a new continents worth of flavours.


Now based in Perth (with the occasional trip abroad) Jake is laying down some roots and starting a family. Turning his attention to the sustainability of life and seasonal, ethical eating.


“I love growing my own food. It is such a satisfying feeling going into the garden with my son and picking some tree ripened peaches or fresh herbs and knowing exactly where they came from. If you have quality ingredients they will already taste amazing, all we need to do as cooks is respect the individual flavour of the ingredients.”


Fortunately for us here, Jake is now sharing his first hand experiences and spinning the odd travel yarn with everyone in the Salt & Co. warehouse kitchen.

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