“Exploring what the world has to offer through food is the closest thing to travel without getting on a plane. Adventure, history and culture can all be found in a meal created by a good cook”


Reanne came from a multicultural family with a passion for food, and an adventurous cooking spirit. She fell in love with cooking as a child, standing on a foot-stool to help her mother bake, pound spices and practice ‘official taste testing’ in her family kitchen. Her heart has remained in the kitchen ever since.


She started her career working with restaurants, wineries and producers, marketing for WA’s south west, before moving to Perth and taking up a role as the Operations Manager of SPICE Magazine.


In 2009 Reanne began working with Perth’s longest running cooking school, Matters of Taste, and found she had a natural flair for teaching and sharing her passion for cooking with others. She continued to teach, while gaining experience cooking her way through local restaurants and completing her formal cookery training. In 2012 she decided to devote all of her time to teaching.


“To me, food breathes colour and flavour in to nearly every part of our lives. Food and the love that goes into cooking it, brings people together, provides a platform for anyone to express creativity, helps us to show we care, allows us to experience new things, and adds more enjoyment and adventure into the everyday.”


In recent years, Reanne has taken a larger interest in cooking seasonally and understanding where her ingredients come from, how ethically they were produced and what impact that has on the world around us.


As a cooking teacher, Reanne finds beauty in all styles of cooking and believes that with a bit of guidance, anyone can produce their own unique style of delicious food.


“One of the things I love most about teaching, is that each class I’m a part of ends up being one of those increasingly rare situations these days where people from all walks of life who start out the day as strangers, come together and connect. Food seems to be the great leveler. It’s a beautiful thing to see people cook, learn, laugh, drink and eat together.


Sometimes it’s kind of surreal seeing people leave on a total high each time they come back for a new experience. It’s a joy to be a part of.


No matter whether you’re a beginner or a full-blown home chef, you’re going to get something worth while from each and every class. On top of all that, I promise you, you’re going to have fun.”


Jake grew up in Swansea, Wales, alongside his two brothers. His earliest memory of cooking was making pasta sauce with his father, somehow making more mess than seemed possible, but having a ball all the same. It was these earliest experiences with food that sparked his flare for creation and drove him to want to become a chef.


Jake moved to Australia 15 years ago and embarked on his professional life in cookery, taking on an apprenticeship at Nicola’s, a Modern Italian restaurant in Australia’s South West. Once qualified he decided to embark on a 13 month journey, backpacking and eating his way through Europe, Turkey and Morocco.


“Food and travel are two of my biggest passions. I really love being able to travel, experiencing new locations alongside their exciting and authentic dishes.”


After 2 years back in Australia running a fresh produce café, the desire to explore more of the world took hold and Jake set off on another adventure, this time travelling his way through South America, experiencing another continents worth of exciting food.


Now back on Australian soil, Jake will be sharing his experiences in food from around the world with all of us, doing what he does best in the Salt & Co. kitchen.

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